Photo Gallery

Fungus Grows On Walls

SERVPRO professionals use antimicrobial cleaning agents to clean microbial growth from walls and floors. However, some material cannot be cleaned and must be removed such clothe like material. 

No Spot Is Left Unnoticed

SERVPRO professionals work hard to ensure every inch of your business or home is properly cleaned especially when dirty water finds a way to reach the most unexpected surfaces. 

Welcoming Back Our Storm Team Heroes

Our Storm Team is amazing and receive nothing but positive feedback from happy customers! We wanted to provide a warm welcome to all of our heroes! 

We Use Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

The Mapleton School District Office was preparing for the upcoming school year. Pleated blinds are extremely difficult to clean, but SERVPRO trained professionals know how to get the grime out of almost anything. SERVPRO professionals are trained and know how to operate Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems which were used to clean these blinds.

SERVPRO Capabilities & Storm Services

We Will Go The Distance to Provide Service to Those In Need

We flew out to Texas to aid local SERVPROs in restoring homes and educational institutions after Hurricane Harvey. Phoenix Children’s Academy was severely affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our SERVPRO professionals worked endless hours to remove damaged material & used the industries best suited equipment to insure an effective and efficient dry time.

New Construction Accidents & Disasters

SERVPRO Can Handle Any Type of Disaster! 

SERVPRO was called out to assess a fire/water damage facing a firehouse under construction. SERVPRO designed a restoration plan that ensured construction continue throughout the restoration process. SERVPRO professionals removed  damaged double layered drywall and insulation. Every wall cavity was thoroughly cleaned. Smoke deodorizers were used during the cleaning process and the interior was encapsulated which alleviated the smoke odor.

Quality Work in a Timely Manner

Why Choose SERVPRO?      

This home in Nebraska was significantly affected by the freeze in early January causing multiple waters lines to crack and leak. SERVPRO assessed the damage, removed affected and set drying equipment. These homeowners were pleasantly surprised to be be back in there home within three days.

SERVPRO Professionals Understand Mold Remediation

The Story Behind The Picture

Water leaked through three floors after a running faucet was left unattended by a hospital patient. Water seeped into the walls, cabinetry and other surrounding materials. The water loss was contained, however the humid & damp conditions caused microbial spores to sprout underneath these cabinets. The spores were tested and proved to be mold. SERVPRO crews contained the contaminated areas and mitigated the mold growth. 

Flooded Restroom, CO

Flooding Inside & Out!

A local church faced a nasty water loss after a pipe burst above the men's restroom. The water traveled to the front entrance, chapel, nursery & multiple hallways. SERVPRO employees arrived on site ready to clean up the debris and extract the water. After the mess was cleaned up, specialty drying equipment was strategically placed in order to quickly dry the affected areas.

Why Call The Professionals?

The amount of time it takes to dry a structure makes a huge difference in the structural integrity, and SERVPRO professionals understand that. When disasters occur, it is difficult to know what to do next, but SERVPRO trained professionals will help you through the mitigation and restoration process.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

This Advanced Auto store is still facing the affects of hurricane Florence. A week after the hurricane hit, SERVPRO professionals arrive on site to find the parking lot still under water.

Hurricane Florence

Our Disaster Recovery Team traveled to North and South Carolina to provide restoration/mitigation services to home and business owners in need. 

The aftermath of Hurricane Florence caused the Cape Fear River to over flow, creating many obstacles. However, our Disaster Recovery Team can handle any size obstacle.

Commercial Cleaning

This commercial kitchen was in need of a thorough cleaning. SERVPRO professionals have the skills and resources to clean any size property. We provide an array of commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning Services:

  • Hard service and floor maintenance 
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning 
  • Air ducts and HVAC cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Office detailing 
  • Post-construction clean up

Call us at 720-576-6868 

Fire Damage Repair In Castle Rock

The daunting task of cleaning up after a fire may make your head spin. Do not fret SERVPRO is ready 24/7 to assist you! Since smoke and fire damage is especially destructive, our technicians have specialized equipment and specific training to restore your property to pre-damage condition. Our technicians understand this can be a confusing and challenging time for you and will be with you from start to finish. Our specialists will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Castle Pines Property Water Damage Restoration

The water was extracted and the carpeting removed when an inch of water flooded this Castle Pines property. SERVPRO technicians understand the need for rapid water removal and placement of drying equipment to mitigate secondary water damage to the belongs and building materials.

Parker Water Intrusion

The axial air movers are rapidly dissipating the airborne moisture from this Parker elder care facility. The clean water sprayed from the fire suppressant system saturated the carpeting which required immediate drying to salvage it and prevent significant inconvenience to the clients. Count on SERVPRO to keep your business functioning.

Mold Damage – Parker Air Handler

Mold damage was discovered when the Parker homeowner was having the air handler replaced. The old air handler had dripped enough condensation to foster the conditions for mold growth. We cleaned up the mold and replaced the flooring in the air handler closet. The homeowner asked us to clean the entire air conditioning system and duct work. All area were treated with an antimicrobial substance to inhibit any future mold growth.

Pipe Burst in Aurora, CO

Imagine walking in to this sight after returning from vacation. This is what happened to one of our customers. A pipe had burst and caused the ceiling to cave in above their dining room. This was only one room of many in the home that looked this way. Thanks to the hard work of SERVPRO, the home now looks like it "never even happened"!

New Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Connor is sprucing up our new ultrasonic cleaning machine. This machine is used in cleaning of contents and uses ultrasound technology to get your items sparkling clean and looking like new!

Commercial Water Loss in Denver, CO

When you have a water loss in your business, there is no time to spare. This is why our technicians use fully stocked trucks. Connor is getting a truck loaded to travel to a commercial loss in Denver. Our goal is to always have the equipment you need on hand with us when we arrive. If your loss is more extensive, we will send more trucks until we have everything it takes to get the job done. 

Fire Damage in Monument, CO

Our technician, Charles, is working on cleaning some antique collectibles that were damaged from soot and smoke at a Monument, CO home. We have specialized products and technicians like Charles who take the extra time to make sure your valuables are handled and cleaned with extensive care. 

Water Damage Board-Up

When it rains, it pours. But what is a person to do when it pours after a hail storm? This is the dilemma that many residents in Wylie, TX faced. Large hail damaged their windows and then a rainstorm followed. At SERVPRO we can board-up damaged windows or doors to help keep the rain out because let's face it - no one needs water damage on top of hail damage. 

Crawlspace Mold in Aurora, CO

In this photo, Troy is lowering himself into a crawlspace where mold was found in Aurora, CO. Mold tends to sometimes grow in those pesky hard to reach places, but at SERVPRO, we will work our way into those spaces.

Our Commercial Water Loss Expert

This is our owner, Sean Gullick. Sean began his career as a SERVPRO franchise owner in 2010. He holds multiple certifications from the IICRC and knows all the proper procedures to take when your business has been affected by water damage. Sean will work with you to get you back in business in no time!

Commercial Water Loss

When your business floods, call the pros. We are able to quickly clean, dry and restore your business so that you can get back to making money and helping customers!

Carpet Cleaning After Fire in Lakewood, CO

When you have a fire in your home, it can be easy to feel devastated. However, sometimes we can clean and restore your flooring along with other items. Wouldn't it be nice to see this bright smiling face in the midst of disaster? 

Generator Transport for Fire in Englewood, CO

We received a call about a fire in a customer's home one snowy morning. Our owner, Sean, got right to work on securing a generator so our crews could work in the blustery conditions to clean the soot-filled home. 

MoldBusters Sighted in Castle Pines, CO

When it comes to mold remediation, we get right down to business. Someone captured a sighting of our moldbusters team in Castle Pines, CO suited up and ready to show that mold who was boss!

Crew Supervisor in Boise, ID

We arrived on-site at a water loss in Boise, ID to assist with a water loss. Imagine our surprise when our supervisor showed up. He was even dressed to impress!

Commercial Water Loss in Parker, CO

Our crews responded to Chili's restaurant in Parker, CO after a fire line burst and flooded their entire building. We were so close that our crews were able to be on-site within 15 minutes!

Mold Remediation After Flood in Englewood, CO

Here our well protected SERVPRO West Littleton/Sheridan technicians clean up mold from a leaky basement that went unnoticed for too long. Mold can be the unseen and expensive result of undetected or ignored leaks. Call SERVPRO of Castle Rock/Parker to mitigate any leaks you may have!

Mold Found in Littleton, CO Home

This colorful mold that covers the wall of a basement in Littleton, CO was the result of a flood that was improperly dried. When any type of water damage occurs in your home, it is important to have it dried professionally and to industry standards. Otherwise you can face costly repairs that are usually not covered by insurance. SERVPRO of Castle Rock/Parker can help you avoid this fate with it fast and professional technicians!

Texas Hail Storms 2016

SERVPRO of Castle Rock/Parker arrived in Wylie, Texas in April 2016 to help customers whose homes had been damaged by a massive hail storm. Hail the size of softballs, followed by rain left holes in roofs and shattered windows. SERVPRO to the rescue!

Arrival in Louisiana

We arrived in Louisiana in style and ready to clean up some flooding after 18 hours on the road. SERVPRO of Castle Rock/Parker had 3 crews ready to help devastated citizens of Louisiana start rebuilding and begin the healing process. 


Will, Jordan, Connor and Dalton are getting ready to go to a new water loss in Castle Rock, CO. Did you know that SERVPRO's goal is to arrive on-site within 4 hours of notification of your loss? Faster to any size disaster!

Louisiana Floods August 2016

This photo shows a Louisiana home during the water mitigation process. Due to the contaminated flood water and its health risks, many of the structural materials such as drywall, flooring and cabinets had to be removed. Contractors in the Louisiana area are still working tirelessly to finish the reconstruction process.  

Louisiana Floods August 2016

This photo shows the damage done to the garage of one of our customers. The contents were all water damaged and the floors covered in muddy water. SERVPRO of Castle Rock/Parker worked long days to make this garage look even better than it did before flooding. 

Louisiana Floods August 2016

In August 2016, SERVPRO of Castle Rock/Parker sent crews to Louisiana to assist customers who had been affected by massive flooding after over 2 feet of rain fell in the state. This photo shows the flood level of a home even after the water had receded substantially.